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IAQS-Patkar Varde College collaborates with global professional services firm Marsh McLennan, To Offer Mentorship via paid internships to Students

Mr. Tanveer Quraishi – Head of Analytics at MMGS addressing the students

With a mission to guide students towards a brighter future, Patkar-Varde College in association with the Institute of Actuarial and Quantitative Studies (IAQS) has joined hands with Marsh McLennan to build a skilled workforce and advance research in actuarial, data science and risk management studies. Marsh McLennan a Fortune 500 company has selected 22 students from IAQS-Patkar Varde College for mentorship via paid internships. Marsh McLennan is headquartered in New York City and has businesses in insurance brokerage, risk management, reinsurance services, talent management, investment advisory, and management consulting.

By entering this educational partnership, Marsh McLennan has brought in the much-needed industry perspective in a largely research-based sector that is the actuarial and risk consulting services. The selected candidates would get wider access to various industry-based approaches that work at a global level. They can benefit from learning on the job, under experienced professionals, using their knowledge, and getting integrated seamlessly into the corporate world. The selected students can become job-ready professionals, with wider career opportunities and an understanding of how exactly the industry works at a global level.

“Marsh McLennan has always believed in people following their passion and developing their skills to best meet the needs of the clients. We appreciate the teaching techniques at IAQS and hope that this partnership will help the students to get the right exposure. They will have the opportunity to work with senior professionals across the world and get the right industry knowledge. We believe that for a change in the industry workforce, it’s important to train not just individuals, but also institutions so they can provide quality training programs for their students.” said Tanveer Quraishi, Head of Analytics at Marsh McLennan Global Services India Private Limited.

IAQS and Patkar Varde College believe that this internship will provide pathways for the selected candidates to build expertise in risk consulting. “We are quite thrilled with this knowledge-sharing partnership. Not only do our students get a strong experience with Marsh McLennan, the world’s leading professional services firm but also get to swim in a huge talent pool. They will get wider career opportunities and we get to enhance our brand image and recognition. The accreditation with IFoA and such industry partnerships will help our students to get holistic learning opportunities. As a new industry focused training approach, we want to partner with such professional services organisations in the risk management and finance space,” said Akash Rughani, Program Director at IAQS.

Patkar Varde College in association with IAQS offer B.Sc. (Actuarial Science and Quantitative Finance) and M.Sc. (Actuarial Science), degrees and postgraduate programs respectively, recognized by the University of Mumbai. Along with being financially lucrative, it is also a rewarding and futuristic career option that will only hold more scope for growth in the future. Add in the exemplary mentorship from a global professional services firm, and you have a flourishing career to look forward to. If you are looking for more information, kindly contact +91 9372777615 / or visit

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