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~ SAMYAK ZAVERI   Big Data ● Machine Learning ● Artificial Intelligence Welcome to the world of data science, where every single digital interaction with your life, be it the time you wake up or go to bed is of utmost importance. When you read an article online? It’s data. When you stream a song,...
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~ JUILEE JAYADE   Perhaps one of the most prominent aphorisms in circulation, both within work and private spheres of life is the law of labor known as “Time is Money”. This phrase, mentioned by many but widely attributed to the great aphorist and writer, Benjamin Franklin, who first mentioned it in his 1748 essay,...
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~ SHAILJA BHANDARI   Data is the new oil that insurance engines (companies) need more than ever to improve the efficiency of risk assessment, and overall functioning. Technology will help them revisit their existing policies and give rise to new ideas on how to optimize for the future. More importantly, it helps them focus their...
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~ ATHARVA PADWAL   Most of us have heard about Baseball. It is one of the most popular sports in the United States and it is widely played by countries across the globe, including Japan, Cuba, Netherlands, USA, South Korea and many more. Baseball is a competitive sport and many teams pour a lot of...
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“The task of the educator is to make the child’s spirit pass again where its forefathers have gone, moving rapidly through certain stages but suppressing none of them. In this regard, the history of science must be our guide.” ~ Henry Poincaré A Human Endeavour In Number Theory, an approach through history from Hammurapi to Legendre, Andre Weil specifies in the preface that...
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Blockchain technology is one of the fastest growing record-keeping technologies. The most popular, Bitcoin Network, is a type of blockchain. The first definition that you can find out on Blockchain is that it is a “distributed, decentralized, public ledger.” Blockchain is a simple technology that many people fail to grasp the meaning of. In its...
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We know of Marie Curie, the first Woman to win a Nobel Prize in Physics with remarkable achievements in the field of science. However, the unknown fact that since 1903 only 53 women have won this award and among them, only 20 women have won it in the field of medicine, physiology, chemistry and physics...
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How do Academy awards occur? Are the winners really a secret? What are the biases of the Academy towards nominees and winners? Do older or younger actors who have already won awards have a better chance to win an Oscar? Do famous movies have higher chances of winning?  What are the greatest surprises in Oscar...
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As much as one would not like to admit, it is an undeniable fact that we all procrastinate at some point or before doing a particular task. I procrastinated before penning down this article, our team might have procrastinated before finetuning it or you might have procrastinated before reading it. Studies suggest that 15–20% [1]of...
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Actuarial Science can open doors to one of the most satisfying careers if you have an inborn ability for analysing situations or have a curious mind for number-crunching. According to certain reports, there’s going to be a considerable rise in the demand for Actuarial Science jobs by 2028. Since Actuarial Science is primarily used for...
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