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• Are you someone who loves working with numbers? • Do you get curious about the finance of a project? • Do you have an analytical mindset? • Does debating on topics that display your practical approach and lateral thinking for resolving issues give you a different kind of satisfaction? If answer to above question...
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India is one of the biggest markets for Insurance companies across the world. However, it should be understood that operating an insurance business in India is not free from risks.
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“Matches can be made in heaven but the celebration of those can literally empty out your pockets.” The holy ritual of weddings is an integral part of human civilization.
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“It is in giving that we receive” said Francis of Assisi. The joy of giving is the essence of philanthropy and crowdfunding has been influential in promoting philanthropy among citizens.
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The data sharing and Fintech sector has grown leaps and bounds over the last three decades.
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The disruptor is here! We might have murmurs of the new concept prevailing in the finance industry, Neo Banks.
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